How it Works

  1. You register your vacation rental business with through our secure administration interface. There is no charge to register. This sets up your company in our database. You then login to our administrative interface to complete setting up your reservation system.
  2. Your location(s) and rental units are set up in our system using a simple hierarchical model Data Model
  3. You first define your rental location(s) and the policies in place for each location. These policies include
    • High and Low Season dates
      (up to two high seasons per year)
    • the age at which a child pays the adult rate
    • Applicable taxes
    • Deposit requirements
    • Minimum nights stay
    • Balance payment terms
    • Refund Conditions
    • Check-in/Check-out times
    • Any other policies which apply to bookings
  4. Next, describe each unit (room, apartment, house) available to rent and rental terms
    • If you have multiple units of the same type, you can create unit types with a common description and rate structure. This meakes setting up each unit much easier
    • Set high and low season rates by day, week, month, holiday, weekend
    • set no. of occupants included in the base rate
    • set charges for additional adults and children by day and by week
    • set min and maximum occupants per unit
  5. Adjust the availability of each unit by entering the dates for which you already have bookings.
  6. Using our administrative interface, generate the button and/or text links that you will place on your site to link to the service.
  7. Upload your company logo and choose color schemes for your reservation pages. This is done very easily on-line through your browser.
  8. When a reservation is made, you will be notified by email. Through the secure administrative interface, you will retrieve the booking details, including credit card information. You will then process the credit card exactly as you would for a telephone reservation. You immediately have the use of the funds and only pay us our commission when we bill you.
  9. On-line reservations automatically update the availability of each unit. Through the administrative interface you can manually adjust the availability of each unit to reflect bookings taken off-line.
  10. At the end of each month, we will invoice you for each reservation made through the service for reservations fulfilled during that month.

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